Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mulch Is Here!

Well, the first load of mulch has arrived!  Last year this was the easiest to spread since it didn't have to go far.  Hoping it's the same this year.  So in honor of the mulch I thought I'd throw out a few reminders about natural weed control.  

First, spread some wet newspaper under he mulch to help prevent weeds from sprouting.  Last year I tried to do dey paper in the wind-- didn't work well.  This year I have two little hose enthusiasts so
I'm going to put them to work. Second, don't forget about the vinegar, water, dish soap solution that works really well to kill weeds in an area where you don't want anything to grow, not the lawn or close to other flowers because the solution will kill everything.  I LOVE this natural week killer!  I buy jugs of vinegar all the time and just dump some on before I mulch for good measure.  My yard is still very much a work in progress,  but this spring I can see the effects of my efforts last spring and that's encouraging.  Maybe in 10 more years I'll feel GOOD about the yard! Happy gardening!

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