Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Was A Remarkable Day!

Yesterday two amazing things happened.  Well, actually neither was truly AMAZING, but both were very rewarding and happy experiences.  First, I ran a marathon.  Well, I only ran part of the marathon, my relay team ran the rest.  I'm really proud of how well we all ran and how much FUN it was!  I was nervous about the whole thing, because it's doing something new, but I'd do it again in a second!  It was a beautiful day to run, my leg of the race was nice and flat with only a few hills (both up and down) and lots of water stops-which always keep me motivated because there are all these people, volunteering their time just to stand there and hand out water (or Gatorade--not pleasant when you're expecting to drink water. It's kind of like popping a salt and vinegar chip in your mouth when you're expecting just a regular potato chip) and cheer you--a total stranger-- on in your race.  My leg was the second to last, which meant that I ran miles 13-20.  That meant that I was running with my fellow relayers and the marathoners.  My teammate, Steve, said, "If you're thinking about running a marathon, don't stand at the finish line.  That's just inspirational.  Stand at mile 22.  That's the REAL marathon."  I agree.  It was inspirational to me to watch these marathoners push through that last half.  I saw a lot of people stop and walk and a lot of pained faces.  I saw a man offer another runner who had stopped to walk, his last gel pack to help give him the burst of energy he need to finish the race.  The whole thing was just such a positive experience.  My friend Melissa once told me that she loved being around races because runners a great group of people.  I really felt that yesterday.  Except for the first few REALLY fast people, there's not a lot of inter-personal competition in running.  It's mostly intra-personal, beating your personal record for distance or pace or simply pushing your body to YOUR limits.  That's what I love about running.  It's a very personal sport.  I can do it alone, yet surrounded by people.  The only thing that made me sad yesterday was seeing all the dogs on the sidelines.  It made me long for my running buddy, Jack.  Jackie would have hated the race, too many people and strange places, but he does love to go for a run.
The Handoff- Leg 4 to Leg 5 (Me to Eric) 

Most of Team "Melissa Talked Me Into This"

The second thing that was awesome about yesterday is that our foster dog, George, found his forever home! (Please don't be concerned--this means that he was adopted, not put to sleep!) We had George with us for 10 days.  He came to us as a shy, timid pup and left
a little less shy and timid pup that would play with the dogs, walk on a leash (as long as he was in his comfort zone of the yard) come when called and housebroken.  He was a fantastic puppy and I'm so thankful we were able to be a part of his life and that he was able to be a part of ours.  Save-A-Mom-Denise said we found him a home.  Without us taking him into our home and helping him adjust to life outside of the kennel, plus taking the pictures of him and putting them on Facebook, he'd probably still be there.  I made a difference.  I REAL difference in the life of one dog.  To me, that's better than running 100 relays, and winning 100 medals.  THAT was the best part of my day yesterday.  Even though I miss him a little, I know he's going to be happy in his new home. Congratulations "Melissa Talked Me Into This" and congratulation George!
My favorite of him--shows off his one white paw.

He's yawning during family movie night-we watched 101 Dalmatians--appropriate!

Poor dog!  Olivia's showing him family vacation albums!  That was at the beginning of the week when he felt safest in his crate.  At the end of the week he'd just sprawl on the floor, usually in the sun.

At least SOMEONE liked that bone!

Feeding the pack.  They'd all eat their own, then check everyone else's bowl, just to make sure  nothing went to waste.  See, I taught him to be green! 

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