Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NCPL Sustainability Fair

I love the North Canton Library.  I know I've blogged about them a lot, but they really have so many great programs to offer.  Last night Ellie read to Sarge, the Tail-Wagging Tutor.  The Children's department brings in a therapy dog for the kids to read to him.  It may seem silly, but dog's don't judge your reading ability.  They don't jump in and tell you a word you're trying to decode before you have the chance to really give it a shot.  They don't correct you, or hurry you along or get frustrated.  They just listen.  To a lot of emergent or struggling readers, that's just what they need.  I was surprised how fluent Ellie read to Sarge last month.  She was SO excited to go back and read to him last night.  See what I mean--GREAT programs.

April 5th from 11AM until 1 PM, the North Canton Public Library will be hosting a Sustainability Fair:

"All are welcome! Join us and learn about our Explore the World program for 2014. Get your new guidebooks as we kick it off “explore the world of sustainability” month with this Earth Month Fair! Meet with representatives from organizations working to protect the planet and its inhabitants, complete “green” crafts and learn all about the North Canton Public Library’s commitment to sustainability."

I'll be there for the Children's Department's (the BEST department in my (totally unbiased) opinion) Earth Month Celebration which I signed up for with Vince, so it'll work out really well of us to stop by and see what they have.  I also have gone for 3 months without my Explore the World book (last year I did a blog about the monthly themes and decided I was going to hike Stark Parks trails--didn't so much do that so this year I'm resolving to be better.) so I'm looking forward to see what they feature each month--Clearly April is Sustainability.  It's a good way to get me downstairs, in the Adult Section, and reading more than just novels on my kindle.  Every time I check something out for ME it's always something I look forward to reading or browsing through.


  1. So, so excited to have found your blog! I'm the community relations manager at the library and appreciate all of the kind words more than you know. As a side note, I'm also a veggie mama raising a veggie kiddo. :)

  2. Glad you like my blog! As I've said, I'm a little biased when it comes to the NCPL, but I LOVE all the programs and opportunities it offers for my kids--and me!