Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Praise of McDonalds?!?

I know, you're probably shocked, but let me explain.  My daughter recently had minor, out-patient surgery.  Since it was near her eye she had to go under general anesthesia so she wasn't allowed any food after midnight before the procedure, which was scheduled for 11:30AM.  Since she had to miss breakfast, her favorite meal of the day, we told her that she could have ANYTHING she wanted for lunch, to help ease the fear of the surgery and to make up for her hunger.  She chose McDonalds.  I was hoping for IHOP, but I made a promise and the reward of McDonalds seemed to help ease any fear she had about going to surgery. 
She was excited to get her McDonalds and she told EVERYONE at the hospital how she was getting nuggets, fries and an M&M McFlurry after her surgery.  Sadly, we weren't really able to keep our promise to her, since doctor's orders were only clear fluids for a few hours after the surgery and then only small meals, just in case she puked.  We DID promise her McDonalds and last night I made good on my promise.  The last time we were there, you could order a Happy Meal with EITHER fries OR apples.  Now they've changed it so that you get both fries AND apples.  Not only that, but the fries are about half the size of the old size.  This is a VERY small step, but a step forward in healthier eating nonetheless.  Even if kids don't eat the apples, at least they're not getting as many fries.  I'm not even going to touch the issue of the quality of meat they're getting or what's in the beverage, I'm going to keep it positive and say, "Good for you, McDonalds!" and leave it at that.


  1. it's a small step!! hope the surgery went ok and all is well. we miss seeing you guys! how is cayden??

  2. Just got the call with the results of the surgery--all clear! Caden's doing well...after his stitches from the flashlight Ellie threw at his head the day after HER surgery! We just LOVE the hospital! I checked out your blog today...your kids look so much older! I LOVE your photos! I really wish I had an eye like that. I take about one good picture a year!