Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The PSA Post

I intended to do this post Monday, but time got away from me--imagine that!  It's just a quick Public Service Announcement on two things.  One green and one not quite so green, but still a little relevant.  First, I got an email from AEP about replacing your "energy-hog" refrigerator  or freezer.  There're offering a $60 bonus to replace with a more energy efficient one.  Here's the actual email:

October is an ideal time to learn about saving energy during the nation's Energy Awareness Month. But this year, AEP Ohio is offering something extra when you recycle your old refrigerator or freezer - a special $60 incentive.
Starting October 1st and lasting through December 24th, AEP Ohio has raised the incentive from the normal $50 to $60 for customers who sign up to have their outdated, energy-wasting refrigerators or freezers picked up and hauled to a recycling plant.
If the temporary increase isn't enough, recycling refrigerators and freezers alone creates many benefits such as saving $150 a year on electrical costs, and keeping CO2 from the environment. 
Signing up is just a click away!

The second PSA isn't really for the public.  It's for Penelope.  I tweeted about her yesterday, but I want to put her on here as well because I really want
to find her a home.  My home would not be idea (to put it mildly) for her but there's a home out there that is.  I found her on Save A Mom Pregnant Dog Rescue's page, which I check regularly ever since we got Jack from there.  (His brother Trey is still there if anyone's interested in a Jack-like dog.)   Here's her link on Petfinder.  Here's Penelope's story:

Penelope is hoping someone out there is looking for a easy going laid back old dog! She came into Save A Mom supposedly pregnant from the SPCA in Virginia. We quickly determined that she was not pregnant, but had a large tumor in her stomach, was covered in ticks and positive for Erilichiosis, malnourished, anemic and had abcesses that covered her whole underneath. She also was battling a severe upper respiratory infection. With multiple trips to the vet for bloodwork, x-rays and check ups Penelope was soon cleared for surgery to remove the tumor for biopsy. Well, she fooled everyone! It was a benign tumor on the spleen and all of her lumps and bumps were benign, as well. She is about 8 years old, has been spayed and has all of her vaccinations up to date, she has been treated for Erilichia, and is heartworm negative. She doesn't mind other dogs, will easily go in a crate, loves soft comfy blankets and is not a noisy dog. She likes to ride in the car and just lay on the patio and soak up the sun! We have in upwards of $1,000.00 in to saving her life. We are asking for a small donation to adopt her in place of our usual $225.00. We just want Penelope to enjoy her golden years!

It's so sad!  I want her to find a home!  Every dog deserves that!  I'm trying to add a photo, but I'm having trouble and I'm already late to get Vince from preschool.  Try and think of someone that might be a good fit for Penelope.  After all she's been through...sorry Magel, didn't mean to make you cry!

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