Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Sustainability Fair-In A Nutshell

Saturday Vince and I went to the NCPL's sustainability fair.  He LOVED it!  I thought it was pretty great too!  We started out downstairs for the children's program Earth Month Celebration where we listened to books, did a few crafts and played games.  Then we went upstairs for the fair.  The way it was set up was that you got a bookmark with each vendor listed.  As you went to each booth, the vendors would check off their names on your bookmark and when you got them all checked off, you got a water bottle (BPA free I might add!).  There were 10 booths, some of which Vince hated and some he loved.  Since you're not 4, I'll give you a synopsis of all of them, hoping that your interests are a little broader than Vince's.
1. Ermanno's Legendary Pizza--This was Vince's favorite!  Well, maybe second favorite, but we'll get to that.  Ermanno's had pizza to sample, which I have to admit was AMAZING!  I got their Margherita Pizza. (Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Garlic, Our Triple Blend Cheese, Roma Tomatoes, Organic Local Basil.  Topped with Parmesan & Romano Cheese, Italian Herbs & Seasonings, and Balsamic Glaze.)  Why they were there--they use local, sustainable ingredients for their pizza (fresh, local basil on the Margherita)

2. K.B. Industries, Inc.--Vince liked this one slightly, because they had samples of their recycled rubber pavement over a big jar and he could pour water from a watering can and watch it seep down through the pavement.  I thought it was pretty cool--what a great way to filter and prevent run-off!

3. North Canton Farmer's Market-  Vince got a coloring page to enter into a coloring contest, but I was excited for the prospect of farmers market season coming back!  The NC Farmer's Market is close enough to my house to WALK!  It starts June 14th and goes through Sept 27th from 8:30 -12:00.  It's located at 125 S. Main St.

4. Stark-Tusc-Wayne Recycling-- They had free pencils, which I was super excited about because between Jack and Olivia, pencils are in short supply at our house!  Vince liked the corn hole game they brought.  They're a recycling company--pretty obvious why there were there.

5. The Akron Zoo-  I've blogged before about the cool sustainability stuff the zoo has.  I LOVE the Akron Zoo!  They had a snake with them today, which of course we love.  The first thing Vince does is try to pet it, which didn't go over well with the handlers.

6. Foxfield Preserve--OK, this one threw me for a loop.  I walked up to the booth, grabbed a brochure and started leafing through it.  I noticed it was at The Wilderness Center--another family favorite--and thought it must be some kind of conservation initiative--not so much.  It's a cemetery--of sorts.  It's all natural--no embalming, no caskets (well not traditional caskets).  Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.  I REALLY like this idea.  "Foxfield Preserve’s mission is to provide natural burials – also known as ‘green burials’ – in harmony with nature. Imagine returning to the natural cycle, giving yourself back to the  earth as generations have for thousands of years."

7. Dr Niver, Beekeeper--OK this may actually have been Vince's favorite.  He had local honey to taste, but also mini cupcakes, gum balls, and candy lemon slices as well as lemonade and make-your-own sunflower planter (Vince is very frustrated that his hasn't grown into a sunflower yet, despite the "Bee Patient"  tag attached to the top of the jar).

8. Fieldcrest--  This site of the former Montessori School is organizing a week of Earth celebrations.  Each day April 21st, through the 25th there are activities planed for the morning and into the early afternoon. The cost is $1 per child per day or $3 per child for all 5 days.  It looks like a really cool thing, too bad we're so programmed already that the only day we could go would be Tuesday---still might check it out!

9. Stark Parks--Last year I said I was going to do the Hike 100--never did it, but now that I have the registration form in my hand--I'll give it another try.  I really do love the Stark Parks.  There are so many great trails to explore and programs that they offer.  I'm really fortunate to be back in Stark County where I have the variety of hiking right past a Starbucks as well as going through the forest.  FYI the Stark Parks Spring Plant Sale will be Saturday May 17th from 9-1.  They also offer Free Gardening Programs Native Flowers in Your Landscape (April 10th 6pm) Heirloom Gardening (April 24th 6pm) Spring Woodland Wildflower Tour (May 2nd 6pm) and Container Herb Gardening Workshop (May 8 6 pm).

10.Tom Tod Ideas-  This one didn't really apply to me, but I took the info in case someone reading this has a middle schooler.

TomTod Ideas is a launchpad for those dreamers, middle school change-agents, ready to rock the world with their ideas.

So check your cynicism at the door and put on your dreaming caps. There's work to be done.
So there you have it.  All 10 booths of the NCPL sustainability fair.  It was a quick little walk around to get a great bunch of ideas.  Thanks NCPL!  Going was interesting, but sitting down and writing about it all has really gotten me motivated to get more involved--I can't wait to do more with the Stark Parks, go to the farmer's market and try to squeeze in some of those Field Crest activities!  And it it all turns out to be too much for me to handle, and I die from all the stress--at least I know I can be buried naturally at The Foxfield Preserve!

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